Frequently Asked Questions

What services do we provide?

The Home Problem Solvers is a Construction Management Company for Homeowners. We specialize in bathroom remodels, but we can do it all. We work with a team of local engineers and experts in their field to provide long lasting solutions for any home problem.

Who is this service intended for?

Anybody can acquire our service, but it is especially useful for those who are intending to sell their home. If you have tried to sell in the past, but buyers just don't seem interested, perhaps it is because there are items that need repairs or your home needs to be prepped for re-sale. Home Problem Solvers will point out problems/issues that may turn buyers away, most problems with homes can be fixed quickly. We will provide an itemized report complete with labor and material estimate on what it would cost to repair these problems. Even if you haven't tried to sell your home in the past, this service is for you if you are getting ready to put your home on the market or just want to do some upgrades in your current home.

Do you work with home inspections?

Once the home inspection is completed if you have an structural problem we can provide a detailed report with solutions that includes a cost estimate to fix the problems, whether you have us fix the problems or not.

I'm selling my home. Can you check it?

We can give you a detailed report of things that could add value to your home! If you're looking to remodel the bathroom before selling your home, it could add several thousand dollars more to your selling price.

I'm a realtor. How can you help me?

How many times has a home gone under contract only to fail the inspection with only a few problems? The future buyer backs out of the sale or negotiates a lower selling price to pay for the problems, which costs you and your client time and money. These problems can be addressed at the time of or before listing the home.

Can you recommend a home inspector?

We only work with highly qualified NY State Licensed home inspectors, not all home inspectors are equal. It's important to work with those who can identify issues (if any) with your home.

How can I save money using your service?

The money you spend up front fixing problems, adding outdoor living spaces, or remodeling a bathroom will add value and often offset all of the cost. The Home Problem Solvers can provide ideas for upgrades or ideas to prep your home for resale that will increase the likelihood of selling your home quickly. This service will also provide peace of mind, which will give you less stress knowing all your home issues have been addressed up front and there will be no surprised come inspection time.

My dream home has some problems! Can you help?

Did you receive a failing Inspection report on your dream home? Think about looking elsewhere? Don't! Most problems can be fixed quickly and the cost can be negotiated with the seller. For instance, some water damage in a bathroom causing linoleum to peel up can be fixed and replaced with a brand new custom tile floor. Adding beauty that will last ages.